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    Chiropractic care for athletes

    Sports injury treatment

    Sports injury treatment at CHIROWORx Spine & Rehab can include physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and soft tissue therapy. Rotator cuff injuries, runner’s knee, hamstring strains, ankle & achilles problems, tennis and golfer’s elbow, and SI joint and hip pain are some of the more common sports injuries Dr. Barrett sees, though his care has proven effective at treating sports injuries of all kinds. Attack your sports injury with the full scope of treatments available at CHIROWORx to get fit, diminish pain, and get back in the game today.

    Eliminate My Pain
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    Sports Injury FAQs

    General info

    How can chiropractic care prevent injuries?

    Chiropractic care and physical therapy aim to address and correct dysfunction in the bones, joints, and soft tissue structures of the body. In making sure that the body is moving and performing optimally, one reduces the risk of unnecessary wear and tear, overload, sprain/strain injuries, and much more. As the old saying goes, “a body in motion, stays in motion,” and we do our best to make sure that’s the case each visit.

    What are some common sports injuries treated at CHIROWORx?

    CHIROWORx treats a wide variety of sports injuries, and though only the most common are listed below, there is a high liklihood that no matter the injury you bring us we will have a solution. Common injuries include the following:


    -Golfer’s/tennis elbow

    -Plantar fasciitis

    -Sprains/strains of all kinds

    -Runner’s knee

    -Ankle sprains

    -Rotator cuff injuries and other shoulder pain

    -Overuse syndromes

    What is the typical recovery time for sports injuries?

    There is nothing typical about recovery times. How long it takes you to get back out doing the things you love depends largely on three things: how severe the injury is, how quickly you started care, and how willing you are to participate in active recovery. This means we are able to guide you down the road to recovery, but you must be present and dedicated to the healing process if you want to speed it up.

    Rotator cuff injuries

    What are the common symptoms associated with rotator cuff injuries?

    Pain in or around the shoulder region with movement, most commonly raising the arm to the side (shoulder abduction) or with internal and external rotation, such as with a throwing motion. One may also experience weakness in the affected shoulder.

    What type of treatment do you provide for rotator cuff injuries?

    Treatments for rotator cuff injuries include ice, soft tissue therapy such as the Graston Technique, and stabilization and strengthening though rehabilitative exercise. Rock Tape application for pain relief and stability is also common.

    Hamstring and quad strains and pulls

    What are the common symptoms of hamstring or quadriceps injuries?

    Patients with strains or pulls of the hamstring or quad generally come to CHIROWORx with pain in and around the front or back of leg following an active event such as heavy lifting, running, or an awkward step. It is possible to experience pain or the inability to either flex or extend the knee.


    It is important not to confuse upper-leg strain injuries with radiating pain from the lower back or hip region down into the legs. Shooting pain, numbness or tingling are signs of a more serious problems.

    What are common treatments for hamstring and quad injuries?

    Often, treatment for this type of injury includes ice, hip and knee mobilization, use of the Graston Technique, Rock Tape application, and ample time to recover – which, depending on the severity of the injury, could take weeks to months.

    Tennis & golfer’s elbow

    What are the common symptoms for tennis or golfer’s elbow?

    The first thing to note is that these are actually two different injuries! Tennis elbow is usually a sharp pain on the outside of the elbow, while golfer’s elbow typically affects the inside of the elbow. Pain in either of these spots is typically increased with flexion or extension of the wrist and tenderness with touching the affected elbow.

    What type of treatment is typical for tennis or golfer’s elbow?

    Treatment for elbow injuries of this sort generally includes rest, ice, mobilization of the shoulder, wrist, and elbow, use of the Graston Technique, and training for proper mechanics in your respective sport.

    SI joint & hip pain

    What are the common symptoms associated with hip and SI joint pain?

    Sharp or deep pain in the lower back, often off to one side or the other, that gets worse with prolonged sitting, standing, or activity, and is particularly uncomfortable during transitional movements such as getting out of the car or going up and down stairs. Pain can also be felt in the buttock region or the outer leg.

    What type of treatment generally helps hip and SI joint injuries?

    Treatments include, ice, mobilization of the pelvis and lumbar spine, and strengthening the muscles of and around the pelvis and upper leg.

    Runner’s knee

    Where are the common symptoms of runner’s or jumper’s knee?

    Runner’s or jumper’s knee is typified by sharp pain in the front of the knee, usually below the kneecap, that is often accompanied by swelling. Pain often extends around to the inside and outside of the joint line with activities such as running or jumping.

    What is the treatment for runner's knee?

    Typical treatments include ice, reduced activity levels for a short period, and Rock Tape application for reduction of pain symptoms. It is possible that old or inappropriate running shoes could be the culprit in this case.

    Ankle & achilles injuries

    What are the common symptoms associated with achilles injuries and ankle sprains?

    Generally, patients present with sharp pain in the ankle with movement, typically the result of a traumatic injury while running, playing sports, or walking on an un-level surface. This is usually accompanied by swelling and tenderness with touch or pressure over the outside or back of ankle.

    Can you provide exercises to strengthen my ankles and achilles?

    Treatments include ice, light mobilization, support of the area with either bracing or Rock Tape, and time to heal. Once the area is stable, a strengthening program will be vital to prevent future recurrence.

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    About Dr. Barrett

    Dr. Barrett is a 2014 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida Campus, where he proudly earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree with Magna Cum Laude honors. During his time at Palmer he spent uncountable hours mastering his craft through learning and practicing many of today’s most popular adjusting techniques, and developing skills and interest in the fields of rehabilitation and soft tissue therapy.

    Dr. Riley Barrett, DC

    I have knee and SI joint problems as an avid beach volleyball player and began regular care when I had a bad SI joint strain. Between adjustments, soft tissue therapy and kinesiology taping, CHIROWORx keeps me from falling apart on the beach!

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